About The Department

We established the Department of Nursing in 2014.

In response to the rapid aging population, diverse health care needs, speedy changing health care system, demand of society and health care industry, hence we established the Department of Nursing in 2014. Our mission for students is emphasize on providing holistic total care and delicate care to needs, thus generates happiness of people. We are not only cultivating future nurses with caring character and acquire professional competence, but also educate student to reach DAYEH spirit of willingness to learn, to do, to give, and be responsible mature individual.

Department of Nursing,DaYeh University

International Vision and
Perseverance Diligence Character.

We educate students to be respectable Registered Nurses with a 3 C
character of challenge, commitment and changing, through a system of
apprenticeship and collaboration with health care industry. Our core
competencies include students will be able to provide evidenced care,
communication and cooperation, caring, professional ethics, problem
solving, continuous learning, management, international vision and
perseverance diligence character.

Department of Nursing,DaYeh University

Guarantee Employment Upon Graduation,
Salary Starting at 50K or Above.

  1. 100% passing rate for national nursing licensure examination.
  2. Guarantee employment upon graduation, salary starting at 50K or above.
  3. Providing high amount of scholarships, tuition is free or cheaper than National University.
  4. Dura degree program in famous Australia University, choice of employment and immigration in Australia.
  5. American nursing professors teach in our nursing program every year.
  6. Students may participate in classroom or hospital clinical practicum in the USA or Australia.
  7. National recognized as the leading innovative and best equipped nursing program.
  8. All doctor prepared professors.
  9. Faculty mentoring and counseling students sensibly.
  10. Our courses and hidden curriculum train students to be a matured adult.